Announcing Anti-Gravity: EPS 3.0

Anti-Gravity is the 3rd generation of Blockbridge Elastic Storage. We're introducing several new technologies that deliver on the promise of elastic block storage in public, private and hybrid cloud. In this blog post, we'll run [...]

Announcing End-to-End Encryption for Docker Volumes

If you've been following along with DockerCon2016, you probably heard the huge announcement regarding Docker security: they have integrated automated setup and management of Swarm nodes configured with TLS. In summary, they are giving [...]

Introducing iSCSI over TLS

Blockbridge is excited to announce the first generally available implementation of iSCSI over TLSv1.2. iSCSI-TLSv1.2 delivers a 290% increase in maximum throughput, 18% reduction in minimum latency, and drastically simplified management when compared [...]

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