• Copy the installation template

  • Update the credentials and host

  • Install & config are automatic

Installing the Blockbridge Volume Plugin
$ docker plugin install --alias blockbridge blockbridge/volume-plugin            

$ docker plugin ls
  ID                  NAME                 DESCRIPTION                 ENABLED
  fc4360f98a89        blockbridge:latest   Blockbridge Volume Plugin   true


  • Create a container alias
  • Install & config are automatic

Installing the Blockbridge Volume Control Tools
$ alias volumectl='docker run --rm -v /run/docker/plugins:/run/docker/plugins    

$ volumectl
      volumectl [OPTIONS] SUBCOMMAND [ARG] ...
      volume                        manage volumes
      profile                       manage volume profiles
      backup                        manage volume backups


Instantly move volumes between bare-metal, virtual and container infrastructure. Securely transfer volumes between datacenters and service providers.


Compressed, encrypted and securely transferred to any s3 object provider without impacting the host. Fully automated and application agnostic.


Instant application recovery without waiting for the full data transfer. The perfect foundation for multi-provider and hybrid-cloud applications.


Per-volume encryption and crypto-erase without performance degradation. Multiple ciphers for demanding security requirements.


High-performance networking with military-grade encryption and perfect forward secrecy for end-to-end protection.


Multi-factor authentication and single-use credentials for fine-grained control over data accessibility.


Up to 400,000 IOPS and 4GB/s for any volume. Plenty of power for the most demanding applications and databases.


Guaranteed storage performance and isolation for applications that need it.


Per-volume auditing, statistics and insight for each container, application and host accessing storage.

Containers, as well as container hosts, should be disposable. Building your container datacenter with elastic storage improves agility and reduces cost. With Blockbridge, you can also dramatically improve security, manageability, visibility and control.
Redistribute load within your container data center, recover from hardware failure and perform scheduled maintenance without transferring a single byte of application data. Move containers instantly without impacting colocated applications.
Upgrade compute, memory, and networking independently from storage capacity and performance. Accurately match applications needs with resource requirements. It can be an expensive architectural mistake to get cornered by the cookie-cutter converged approach.
Specify the query that describes the storage requirements of your application. Resource balancing, placement constraints, provisioning, configuration, quality of service, multipathing, encryption and filesystem configurations can be configured automatically. No changes are required to application containers.
Control utilization of noisy neighbors and guarantee minimum levels of performance for storage sensitive applications. Deliver SLAs for container applications by guaranteeing storage performance.
Satisfy compliance requirements and prevent sensitive data sprawl with a secure multi-tenant container data center. Our management, network and data security controls deliver fine-grained secure multi-tenancy.
Audit configuration changes and access to data. Control access to large distributed datasets from a central endpoint. Give tenants of your container data center the ability to control access to their data.
Easily and securely transfer data between on-premises and off-premises compute stacks. Ensure confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of data along the whole path.
Coordinate snapshots and crypto-locking, monitor aggregate resource utilization, and diagnose performance issues of distributed applications from a central endpoint. Optionally, push custom application state, configuration and logs from endpoints into our management system!
  • v1 Volume Driver Support
  • v2 Volume Plugin Support
  • Multi-host Swarm Support
  • Docker Datacenter Support
  • High Performance
  • Advanced Security
  • No Kernel Modules
  • No Host Software
  • Standard Storage Protocols
  • Filesystem Agnostic
  • Extended Volume Management



Docker provides an open platform for developing distributed applications. Customers turn to Docker to build, run, and deploy, portable cloud ready applications using containers.

Customers turn to Blockbridge to build persistent storage solutions for container applications. Blockbridge is an authorized member of the Docker Partner Program and is an Ecosystem Technology Partner for storage.