Software-defined Storage That’s Flexible.

Blockbridge storage software concurrently supports multiple availability architectures and media types enabling you to maximize value and adapt to changes in hardware technology.


If you are looking to try Blockbridge for the first time, a container based deployment provides a simple way to get started with minimal resource requirements. The container option is best for functional testing. Our software is available on the Docker hub. Installation and configuration are fully automatic. Visit github for details.

  • Minimal Resource Requirements
  • Automatic Installation & Configuration


Virtual machines are a popular method for running Blockbridge inside of a cloud provider, such as Amazon Web Services. The Blockbridge software automatically optimizes itself to match the hardware provided. You can use as many processors or as much memory as you like. Automated installation is available via cloud-cfg. Pre-installed machine images are available for AWS.

  • Flexible Deployment Options
  • Automatic Installation & Configuration


Storage Servers are ideal for environments that require maximum performance or minimal cost and do not require high availability. You can use any hardware you like with any storage you choose. In bare-metal service providers, such as, storage servers offer an attractive option for hybrid cloud applications and disaster recovery endpoints along with automated installation via cloud-cfg.

  • Optimal Price & Performance
  • Supports all media types (SAS/SATA/NVMe/SCM)


SAS Clusters provide high availability using server, fabric and disk level redundancy. Modular deployments consist of dual servers connected to one or more SAS JBODs, each containing dual expanders. SAS fabrics provide high bandwidth connectivity (12-144 Gbit/s) without a need for intermediate switching.

  • Enterprise High Availability
  • Flexible Configuration Options


Converged Hardware solutions integrate servers, fabrics and disks into a single chassis. Converged hardware offers improved density, reliability and serviceability. These solutions provide many of the same operational benefits of a Modular SAS Cluster with a few limitations on configuration flexibility.

  • Enterprise High Availability
  • High Density


Ethernet storage clusters provide high-availability through precise management of failure domains. These solutions uniquely support disk-level data protections for all media types, including SATA and single-ported NVMe. Ethernet clusters offer significantly improved cost efficiency when compared to SAS due to substantially lower media costs.

  • High Availability
  • Supports all media types (SAS/SATA/NVMe/SCM)