Migrating applications to container infrastructure requires new tools and thinking. As container infrastructure scales, so does management complexity. We know everyone loves to focus on Dev. But, you can only go so far without investing in Ops.

With that said, we’re excited to introduce Sense for Docker Volumes. Sense provides application level insight into container storage. It simplifies data management in distributed environments and provides answers to the following key questions:

  • What containers reference a volume?
  • Where are those containers located?
  • Which container is currently accessing a volume?
  • What application is the container running?
  • What image is the container based on?
  • What policies are applied to the volume?
  • What filesystem is the volume formatted with?
  • What is the filesystem utilization?
  • What are mount propagation settings for a volume?

Sense is now a fully supported feature of our Docker Volume Driver: no configuration is needed. Sense leverages our extensible metadata API (i.e., XMD), provided by the Blockbridge Control Plane. For deeper insight into your applications, you can consume the API directly to display any data you want… endless possibilities.