Announcing: Release 5.1

VERSION 5.1 RELEASE NOTES Blockbridge Version 5.1 updates the widely deployed 5.x AnyScale architecture. This release brings numerous performance and stability improvements alongside support for Proxmox, multi-cloud Openstack deployments, Grafana, and an updated Kubernetes [...]

Announcing: Release 5.0

VERSION 5.0 RELEASE NOTES Blockbridge Version 5.0 is the second major release of the AnyScale architecture. The major feature of this release is Multi-Complex. Multi-Complex Multi-Complex provides in-the-box performance scalability designed to take advantage [...]

Secure Persistent Volumes with Kubernetes

When it comes to orchestrating compute infrastructure, Kubernetes is powerful. The ability to declaratively define scalable and resilient services is game changing. All of this is straightforward for stateless services, development apps and demos. [...]

Announcing: Release 4.1

Blockbridge 4.1 is the GA release of the AnyScale architecture. It includes improvements across the entire product. Highlights include: ethernet-attached backplanes with high availability support for NVMe & SATA improved data mobility using remote-basis [...]

Announcing: Release 3.1

Version 3.1 is hot off the CI/CD pipeline.  This update focused on storage operators and services providers: improved controls, increased efficiency and higher availability. We also updated all of our host orchestration tools and topped the release off [...]

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