Blockbridge provides a stand-alone elastic block storage solution that delivers enterprise storage features and fine-grained secure multi-tenancy on any hardware you choose.

Blockbridge delivers true multi-tenant storage that natively supports self-service operation. Only Blockbridge provides isolated management and data that allows tenants to exercise control.

We automate complex administrative tasks that make storage management painful. We enable IT to deliver storage as a service and simplify management for users.

Self Service Storage

Blockbridge provides a turnkey solution for enterprise self-service storage. Our multi-tenant management and storage platform allows IT to incrementally delegate control to developers and business units. Self-service storage reduces developer friction, improves resource utilization and allows IT to focus on more important tasks.

Blockbridge enables users to provision storage resources easily, like searching for products on Google. The user enters a query and the system locates resources that match their needs. Blockbridge software finds the best fit within the storage infrastructure, based on user supplied constraints and real-time utilization.

Blockbridge tools make it unbelievably simple to manage storage. Anyone can allocate, provision, secure, and get access to storage in seconds, without expertise. Fine-grained secure multi-tenancy ensures that each user has private management, dedicated resources and isolated data.

Blockbridge allows IT to operate like a service provider, with the insight needed to make informed decisions based on empirical data. They can learn which classes of storage are under utilized. Or, learn which tenants request more than they need. Blockbridge enables IT to operate with unprecedented control and visibility while delivering a service oriented solution that makes everyone happy.

Solution Overview

  • per-tenant private management
  • per-tenant isolated storage
  • per-tenant resource quotas
  • per-tenant chargeback statistics
  • per-tenant auditing, logging & debug
  • per-tenant role based permissions
  • automatic encryption
  • automatic secure deletion
  • query based provisioning
  • no host software required
  • uses industry standard protocols
  • cross platform shell tools
  • non-disruptive scaling
  • deploys on any hardware

The Tenant Can …

  • Provision Resources
  • Access Statistics and Logging
  • Manage Snapshots
  • Manage Replication
  • Build Sophisticated Automation

The Administrator Can …

  • Offer Multiple Classes of Storage
  • Plan Capacity Based on Usage
  • Deliver Enterprise Features to Users
  • Set Resource Quotas and Limits
  • Audit Everything

The Business Can …

  • Improve Resource Utilization
  • Improve Time to Market
  • Reduce Operational Expenses
  • Transition to Commodity Hardware
  • Scale on Demand