bb-software-2.5.0-512x512We are super duper excited to announce the 2.5.0 release of Blockbridge Elastic Programmable Storage! This release contains major improvements and new features throughout the entire stack. We’ve also updated our ecosystem drivers and tools. Lastly, we’ve completed the foundation for some game changing features that are coming soon in 3.0. Here’s what’s new:

Storage & Fabric

  • CEPH Support
  • Dynamic compression for performance
  • Improved QoS engine
  • Improved WAN replication performance
  • Metadata command set extensions
  • Write-once block policy
  • Write-only initiator policy
  • XTS virtual block plugin
  • 4K native device support

API & Tools

  • Automated certificate trust management
  • Complete API documentation and examples
  • Extended tenant resource controls
  • Improved Windows support
  • Single command clone orchestration
  • Single command IPsec orchestration
  • Single command secure-token key delegation
  • Single command write-only, read-only, and ip security policies


  • Anonymous volume support
  • AutoClone volume support (see it in action)
  • Updated simulator (find it here)
  • Updated volume driver (find it here)


  • Generation-2 OpenStack Identity Provider
  • Generation-2 OpenStack Metadata Provider
  • Mainstream OpenStack Liberty Block Storage Driver (docs are here)
  • Unified OpenStack Kilo/Liberty Block Storage Driver (find it here)


  • Concurrent multi-host reader / writer support
  • Now in Beta (see it in action)

Want to kick the tires? Try the Blockbridge Simulator for Docker! It runs in any environment and on almost any hardware. Use it with bare-metal, containerized and OpenStack workflows!