bb-openstack-512x512The upcoming Liberty release of OpenStack now includes native support for Blockbridge Elastic Programmable Storage. Blockbridge EPS is a complete software-defined storage stack that delivers secure multi-tenant storage capabilities on whatever hardware (or software) platform you choose. Blockbridge allows you to deploy a complete public or private cloud with service level guarantees on security, utilization, isolation, availability and performance.

Cinder, OpenStack’s volume management service, supports a diverse set of storage vendors through its pluggable volume driver architecture. The Blockbridge Cinder volume driver exposes many of our advanced features including attribute-based provisioning, automatic per-volume key management and encryption, zero-I/O snapshots and clones, tenant isolation and QoS.

To access additional advanced features and gain insight into the state of the storage layer, tenants may login directly to the Blockbridge GUI, CLI or API. With native support for Keystone, OpenStack’s identity service, tenants can authenticate directly to Blockbridge using their OpenStack credentials.

Also, the days of manual UID mapping are over! Our stack transparently fetches runtime status and persistent metadata from Cinder and Nova to provide a unified view of back-end and front-end state. Extensible third party metadata capabilities of our platform provide limitless custom integration.

Liberty is scheduled to release on October 15th, 2015 — if you’d like to try Blockbridge EPS with a prior release (e.g., Juno or Kilo), let us know at <>. Kicking the tires is easy: the complete stack is available for trial as a free download. Run it as a Docker container, as a virtual machine, or on bare metal!