Security is the degree of resistance to harm. It changes rapidly along with discoveries, threats and vulnerabilities.

Blockbridge builds software-defined secure storage that delivers unmatched security, visibility and control over data.

We make it simple to protect assets, satisfy regulators, and quickly adapt to complex security requirements.

With every day that passes we learn new details about the insecure world around us. Every company faces security challenges in our now hyper-interconnected world. Protecting ourselves requires new tools and new thinking. Security requires a systematic approach of evaluating risk and strategic deployment of protections to address vulnerabilities. It requires an ability to adapt to rapidly evolving threats.

Meaningful security cannot be achieved by a singular feature or device. Although, this is all that the enterprise storage industry has been able to provide. Vendors have struggled to patch holes in legacy code and integrate basic protections into archaic, sprawling storage platforms. The general consensus has been to “just add self-encrypting drives”. Unfortunately, this is only security theatre!

Blockbridge has spent years thinking holistically about data security. We have built a tightly integrated solution to provide protections that address every aspect of the storage stack from the blocks on disk to the applications that address them. We deliver the most comprehensive set of security controls on the market. And, we make it easy for you to implement sophisticated protections without security know-how.

Secure Storage Solutions

  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Customer Data Isolation
  • Tamper-proof Archives
  • Secure Deletion
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Exfiltration Protection
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Stateless Secure Computing

Blockbridge delivers protections that dramatically improve your security stance.

Top Storage Vulnerabilities

  • Credential Reuse and Sharing
  • Hardware and Software Failure
  • Insecure APIs
  • Insufficient Resource Constraints
  • Insufficient Separation of Responsibilities
  • Lack of Auditing
  • Lack of Security Training
  • Large Fault Domains
  • Large Protection Domains
  • Manual Security Processes
  • Poorly-Designed Proprietary Protocols
  • Silent Snapshots
  • Unencrypted Data
  • Unencrypted Network Communication
  • Unencrypted System Configuration
  • Unencrypted System Logs
  • Unencrypted Write-Ahead Caches
  • Untrusted Host Drivers and Software
  • Weak Authentication
  • Weak Encryption and Keying Materials

Automatic Strong Encryption

Blockbridge delivers automatic strong encryption and automated key management on a per virtual disk basis. Unlike Full Disk Encryption (FDE) and Self Encrypting Drives (SED), our solution delivers block level guarantees on confidentiality, authenticity, integrity and ownership. By default, we leverage the Advanced Encryption Standard in Galois Counter Mode (AES-GCM). To support specialized customer requirements, or in the unlikely event that AES is compromised in the future, we also provide the flexibility to transparently migrate to new cipher suites. Encryption is transparent to users, administrators and applications. There is no client software to install and security guarantees are consistent across hardware types.

Automatic Secure Deletion

Blockbridge delivers automatic secure deletion on a per virtual disk basis with consistent guarantees across media types (e.g. magnetic, flash, nvdimm). Unlike bolt-on solutions that rely on Self Encrypting Drives, our solutions delivers instant secure deletion throughout the storage hierarchy (including volatile and non-volatile caches). Secure deletion automatically includes associated snapshots and is deeply integrated with auditing and role based permissions for complete management protection.

Secure Network Transport

Blockbridge makes it simple to protect data in-flight using a variety of secure transport options. You can set policies to ensure that data is never transferred in the clear as well as set minimum standards for encryption strength. Blockbridge automates certificate management and allows users to access storage securely using native applications, like the Windows VPN client. You can achieve end-to-end security in virtual or physical infrastructure, using industry standard protocols, without any software installed on the client.

Secure Management

Blockbridge provides comprehensive administrative security controls that include role-based management and full-stack auditing. You get fine-grained control over “who can do what” and complete visibility into “who did what”. We support multi-factor authentication primitives implemented in hardware and software. We also support multi-party agreement primitives for certain data management functions. All management operations are performed over secured communication channels and all configuration information is stored in secured storage.

Intrusion Detection

Blockbridge allows you to actively detect and protect against intrusion, system modification and data exfiltration. You can program intelligence into individual virtual disks that can act autonomously to protect systems and assets. You can detect when a hacker has deployed malware onto a server or determine if someone (or some thing) is covertly accessing sensitive internal resources. You can implement sensors and controls that integrate with automated kill chain procedures.

Where to Use Us

  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Virtual Server Environments
  • SaaS Applications
  • Web & Database Servers
  • Cloud Deployments
  • Disaster Tolerance
  • Compliance Requirements

What We Protect

  • Customer Information
  • Patient Records
  • Financial Records and Statements
  • Employee Information
  • Agreement and Signatures
  • Intellectual Property

What We Protect Against

  • Data loss
  • Hijacking
  • Denial of Service
  • Exposure
  • Data Exfiltration
  • Unintended Disclosure
  • Tampering