OpenStack is a free and open-source cloud computing software platform. Cinder is the OpenStack component that manages persistent block storage devices.

Blockbridge provides a stand-alone elastic block storage solution that delivers enterprise storage features and fine-grained secure multi-tenancy on any hardware you choose.

Blockbridge builds security, isolation and control into the core of your OpenStack cloud. We deliver the most secure, scalable and flexible storage solution on the market.

Multi-Tenant All-Flash Block Storage For OpenStack Clouds

Blockbridge provides security at the core of cloud. We deliver automatic encryption and secure deletion, per volume. We support tenant control of encryption keying materials, per volume. Need transport encryption for end-to-end security? Yep, per-volume. Need to audit performance, management or access? Again, per-volume. No other solution on the market delivers our depth and breadth of security capabilities.
Blockbridge delivers consistent storage features and security on any hardware. Match storage needs to application requirements and have the freedom to adapt as requirements change. We make it simple for you to deploy a heterogeneous storage infrastructure composed of the technologies and vendors that you choose (including your existing storage investments).
Blockbridge delivers true multi-tenant storage. Our private management allows tenants to independently exercise control over their own virtual SANs, without knowledge of other tenants. Our data isolation guarantees resources and provides security in shared physical infrastructure. True multi-tenancy requires a full-stack approach that only Blockbridge provides.
Blockbridge provides the most comprehensive OpenStack integration on the market. In addition to our Cinder Volume Driver, Blockbridge integrates with core Openstack components to provide a seamless management experience for Blockbridge tools and interfaces. 3rd party authentication via Keystone allows Openstack tenants to use their credentials with Blockbridge tools and interfaces. Integration with the Cinder-API and Nova-API components provide automatic metadata mapping services and compute instance insights.
Blockbridge delivers sophisticated data placement capabilities with attribute based provisioning. Attributes are descriptive identifiers that are assigned to storage resources by administrators. Blockbridge allows tenants to provision storage by specifying storage attributes in the form of a query. You can deploy Cinder volume types as query strings that satisfy arbitrary placement constraints for compliance, performance, proximity, availability or whatever!
Every customer and application is unique. Some demand no single point of failure. Others demand no redundant components. Some want high availability implemented at the application layer. Others can’t imagine a world where storage doesn’t handle it for them. There is no right answer and no perfect solution. Our job is not to set limits. Our job is to deliver whatever class of storage you want, as a service, with consistent features, security and control. Deploy what you want, when you want, in any combination you want!
Cinder has evolved to provide features that match the lowest common denominator among incumbent storage vendors. Blockbridge provides a purpose built elastic block storage solution with functionality that exceeds the current capabilities of Cinder including: shared storage, cryptographic locking, secure transports, and auditing. These features are accessible with Blockbridge tools and integrate seamlessly with your OpenStack workflow.
Do you need to set up large environments quickly? Blockbridge has rapid deployment options for new hardware installation that provide automatic configuration. Deploy storage faster than you can rack it.
Blockbridge makes it easy for you to access storage resources, created via OpenStack, from other platforms, virtualization layers, and cloud software. Maybe you need to move storage between VMware and OpenStack? Maybe you have decided on different cloud software? Blockbridge gives you the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.
Blockbridge is built to deliver exabyte scale storage for OpenStack environments. Add capacity, iops, and new classes of storage on the fly. Combine storage types to deliver low-latency characteristics of non-volatile memories with the capacity and cost characteristics of spinners. You have complete control over latency, bandwidth, capacity, reliability and availability characteristics.

Key Features

  • per-volume automatic encryption
  • per-volume automatic secure erase
  • per-volume tenant key control
  • per-volume statistics
  • per-volume auditing
  • per-volume replication
  • per-volume quotas
  • quality of service
  • shared storage support
  • persistent reservations
  • zero-io snapshots
  • zero-io clones
  • transport encryption