All Flash Reference Architecture


All Flash. Quality of Service.

Platform*D brings cost-effective all-flash elastic storage, secure micro-segmentation, and quality of service to development and test environments. Operate CI/CD pipelines with deterministic performance. Add new workloads without affecting existing ones and re-adjust priorities on demand. Monitor and troubleshoot application performance over time. Build immutable application infrastructure.

Unbeatable Economics

Commodity pricing and flexible data protections allow you to fine-tune cost, performance & efficiency.

  • As low as $0.04 per IOP
  • As low as $0.85 per GB
  • Sub-$10K configurations

Outstanding Performance

Ultra-fast base performance with minimal hardware, standard protocols and standard interconnects.

  • 300K/250K sustained random 4K IOPS (r/w)
  • QoS Rated to 225K IOPS
  • < 35/55μs sequential 4K (r/w)

Modular Scale

Scale inside a chassis. Scale outside a chassis. Scale as a service. Scale with heterogenous hardware.

  • > 1 EB capacity per-service
  • > 300 million IOPS per-service
  • > 3 TB/s bandwidth per-service

Accelerate Development. Transform Operations.

Spend less time managing infrastructure and more time building products. Reduce developer friction and accelerate performance. Dramatically simplify management with tools and interfaces built for DevOps. Deploy agile infrastructure as the foundation of micro-services and service-oriented architecture.

OpenStack Native

Blockbridge natively integrates with OpenStack Block Storage, Compute and Identity services to dramatically simplify management. Our open-source driver support dates back to Kilo.

Docker Native

Our support for Docker pre-dates the introduction of Volume Drivers. Our most recent updates support multi-host Swarm deployments and solve complex data security issues that no other software can.

DevOps Transformation

Run bare-metal, virtualized, containerized or all three at the same time. Our tools, APIs, and micro-segmentation provide controlled developer and operator access to enterprise elastic block storage.